BOI WatchDogs expose terrible FNDC council pound conditions

23rd February 2018

The article Far North, concerns for pound High Kill Rate article by Bailey Moor in the Northern News (p3) asking for people thoughts to be emailed to [email protected] (with full name and town) Finally we are in the print media to highlight issues and concerns around far north pound currently Kaitaia pound. This has taken […]

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2017 Draft Compared with 2006 Bylaw – Still Ridiculously Bad

9th October 2017

Dog Prohibitions, Onleash and Offleash Areas Compared Here is a spreadsheet showing the detailed comparison of the latest draft bylaw with the 2006 current bylaw.  A big difference is that the new bylaw by default bans dogs everywhere they are not specifically allowed. Beach-areas-2006-vs-2017-V2 Proposed Off-leash Beaches Compared with Total FNDC Coastline (1800 km) And […]

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New Dog ByLaw Draft for Strategy Committee Meeting 11 Oct 2017

8th October 2017

This is the new draft to be considered at the FNDC Strategy Committee Meeting on 11 Oct 2017 with the proposal it be circulated for comment to FNDC area dog owners. 2017-10-11-STRAT-04.01-Dog-Control-Bylaw-and-Dog-Policy-2017

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Watchdogs at the BOI Community Board Meeting

15th August 2017

Bay Chronicle: Revolt against the ByLaw

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